Opioid Tapering Specialist

Joseph Cabaret, MD

Interventional Pain Specialist & Addiction Medicine Specialist located in Camarillo, CA

Do you want to reduce or discontinue your use of opioids? You’re not alone. Joseph A. Cabaret, MD in Camarillo, California is an addiction medicine expert committed to treating people who need help with pain and pain medication management. If you’re looking for opioid tapering solutions and support, call Dr. Cabaret today or schedule an appointment online to learn how he can help you get back to your best life.

Opioid Tapering Q & A

What are opioids?

Opioids, or opiates, are a class of drugs that include both prescription medications and the illegal drug heroin. These drugs relieve pain by interacting with opioid receptors in the nervous system.

Doctors may prescribe an opioid medication like codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, or morphine to help manage pain. When used for short periods of time and under your doctor’s supervision, opioids can be an effective option.

What are the risks of using opioids?

The effects of prescription opioids on your brain and body are similar to heroin. They can lead to tolerance and dependence, two responses that are often confused with addiction:

  • Tolerance: your brain becomes less responsive to opioids
  • Dependence: you develop a physical dependence on the opioid molecule
  • Addiction: you have an overwhelming or uncontrollable urge to use a drug

Tolerance and dependence can lead to increased use of medication and more pain, lower quality of life, and put you at risk of overdose and death. Even under your doctor’s care, long-term opioid use can be problematic and lead to tolerance and dependence.

Dr. Cabaret has more than 26 years experience helping people reduce opioid medications or stop using them altogether. Even if you don’t suffer from addiction, he can help with your opioid usage, manage your pain, and restore the quality of life you used to enjoy.

How do I manage my pain without opioids?

There are comprehensive pain management solutions that do not include opioid prescriptions. Comprehensive pain management takes a whole-person approach to identifying your pain and treating it. A whole-body approach is an integrative medical approach that looks beyond only the physical issues and incorporates therapeutic strategies to reach optimal wellness.

Dr. Cabaret specializes in pain and regenerative medicine which focus on diagnosing and fixing the cause of your pain.

How do I stop using opioids?

It can be scary to reduce or stop your use of opioids, but you’re not doing it alone. Dr. Cabaret is there to help every step of the way.

Your brain and body need time to heal when you stop taking opioids, and Dr. Cabaret is an experienced pain and addiction medicine specialist who understands that. He works closely with you to personalize your tapering program to minimize your withdrawal symptoms while ensuring that any pain you may be experiencing is also being managed.

Under Dr. Cabaret’s care, you receive support and encouragement in an environment you can trust. Remember, most pain patients do NOT have an addiction but suffer from the combined effects of tolerance and dependence. Dr. Cabaret’s knowledge and skill in the field of addiction medicine is crucial in helping pain patients reduce or eliminate opioids, even if they do not suffer from addiction.

Most patients who have been chronically taking opioids have less pain and better quality of life after they work with Dr. Cabaret to reduce or eliminate opioids.